Umbrella Insurance Helps Protect You
From Catastrophe and Bankruptcy!

We have insurance for unforeseeable events, sometimes these are bigger than we could ever expect. This is where having an additional Umbrella to cover your liability exposures is critical.

Examples of liability protection an Umbrella covers are:

  • A guest is seriously injured on your property.
  • You or a member of your family injures someone in a car accident, leaving them permanently disabled.
  • You host a party: someone else brings alcohol, and a guest gets hurt or hurts someone else after leaving the party.

For around a dollar a day you can protect yourself from possible catastrophic loss and bankruptcy. Call or fill out the form to the right today and let us show you how inexpensive this very valuable coverage is.

Still in doubt? Here are some quotes from Financial guru Dave Ramsey on Umbrella Insurance:

“It’s one of the best buys in all of insurance and I highly recommend it if you have enough assets to where you are concerned about being a target”

“Nowhere else in the insurance world can you get such a bang for your buck as with umbrella insurance.”

“If you have some assets, you now have a target on your back in our culture, because people tend to sue. If you’ve built up and have some money or something that is worth some money, then you want to carry liability coverage that equals more than that.”

Umbrella Insurance

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