Oklahoma Property Owners: Earthquake Damage
Can Be Financially Devastating, Protect Your Investment Today!

Here are shocking number of Earthquakes in Oklahoma over the last few years:

In 2016 we had 623
In 2015 we had 903
In 2014 we had 579

If you own a home or commercial property, you need to protect your investment from the very real threat of earthquake damage. Generally you will need a separate policy to cover your property from earthquakes and the devastation they can cause.

Here are some numbers of just how many earthquakes we've had for the past few years (these are just 3.0 or greater). In 2016 we had 623, in 2015 we had 903, in 2014 we had 579. This info is from earthquakes.ok.gov, a public site for info on Oklahoma earthquakes. This goes to show you, just how bad this threat is.

Don't wait until you have damage and it's too late. Call or fill out the form to the right today and let us show you how affordable this very valuable coverage is.

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“When I decided to get Earthquake insurance for my home, I wasn’t sure what I needed. Russ and
his staff at Oklahoma Insurance Group took the time to educate me and help me get the right coverage to protect my house and property at a great price. I highly recommend them”.

Dr. Tracy Ellis, Norman Ok

Earthquake Insurance

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