My Progressive Auto Refund

In today’s post I wanted to show you a copy of what you should have received or will be receiving from your insurance company on your two month refund for auto insurance.

Here is my personal email from Progressive, I still haven’t received anything from Safeco but they are rolling out slowly due to the amount of people so I will post as soon as I get it. Then I checked and the credit card I used to pay my bill was refunded the next day after this email.


Dear Russ,

As part of our Apron Relief Program, we issued you a premium credit for Policy #xxxxxxxxx on 05/14/2020.

Your credit amount

This amount represents a 20% credit of your premium for the month of April. If you keep your personal auto policy active through the end of May, you’ll have another premium credit coming your way—that credit will be issued sometime in June. Check out our premium credit FAQs for more info.

The Progressive app is the best way to stay up to date on all your policy details, including your premium credit. You’ll see your credit listed in your billing history, but here’s a preview of how we applied it:

  • Credits will first be applied to any past due balances. If you don’t have any, then the credit will be applied to your next bill. Or, in the case that your renewal is in process, then your credit will be applied to your renewal payment.
  • If you’ve already paid in full, we’ll return the credit amount to you directly. If your most recent payment came from a personal credit card or bank account, we’ll return your credit to that same card or account. If you used a different payment method (like PayPal or Apple Pay), we’ll send you a check.
  • If you’ve canceled your policy, then we’ll mail you a check in the amount of your credit.

This premium credit is just one of the ways we’re giving back during this difficult time—learn more about the Apron Relief Program on our website.

Stay safe, and thanks for choosing Progressive.

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